While I was in Bangalore, I came in contact with an NGO called JAAK, Jana Aarogya Andolan, Karnataka. It is an agency working in the health area. It works towards getting healthcare as a fundamental right. It was invovled in many initiatives, like Mother and Child nourishment, mid day meals, and many other areas. It also had a mouthpiece called Republic of Hunger, which acted as a watchdog, putting light on various issues and news events.



I did the branding for Republic of Hunger as well as designed the blog. The idea behind the logo is to showcase the irony that is India. Skyscrapers with satellite connections on one hand and millions of people going hungry every other day. The tone for the blog was to be serious and matter of fact. The image used was a picture taken duing one of the mid day meal surveys.

This was a Pro Bono project.