This was my second experience working for a big corporation. The one difference that I found working for startups and big corporations is that in startups, being innovative is the key. In corporations, consistency, simplicity these are promoted. Initially my experience was to be frank, bad. I was used to breaking out of the grid working for startups, and here I was expected to be just that much creative. Most projects were incremental additions to already existing software. Software which people were using professionally and had gotten used to. Some of them might even have gone to a coaching class to learn to use that Software. Any ‘too big’ change in the flow even if tested to be usable, had a chance of crashing at the market. Just because people had got used to doing things a certain way.

The positive things that I got working here was strict deadline ethics. Being consistent, using and maintaining a style guide. Even big startups need not follow accessibility guidelines, because they don’t need to sell to the government. And the audience which requires certain accessibility tools might be miniscule. But Oracle had lots of clients inside different governments. In USA for example they have Section 508, which has accessibility standards defined. If you want any government agency as your client you have to be Section 508 compliant. Each and every point had to be covered. So being thorough was the keyword for my experience working with Oracle.