In the last few years I have travelled a lot. Stayed in places not for a few days, but a few months. Small enough periods to not warrant leasing a place, but long enough to find a proper place, to live in. Essentially, not a run of the mill hotel.

I found this place from my french co-intern, in the wood workshop I was working in Auroville. It was inside a housing society, but this one stood out. Small plot with a rustic hut, hiked up on stone pillars and made with casuarina, palm fronds etc. It had a cashew tree in the huge front verandah which had branches snaking around the place. Branches in which you could lie down with a book. The owner was a fisherman, a modern one in that, who used GPS. He had a few such investments around the area. And he had taste. He had a friend who was learning how to sculpt in stone. From him he got hold of statues with slight errors, a goddess with a chipped ear, and so on.

All in all I had lots of relaxation living in that place, and this poster was a gift from me to the owner.