The research was to explore how Indian travellers travel, and to find in which vertical opportunity lay. The client was inclined towards the mid segment budget wise. Airbnb was a starting point. Different traveller personae were created and user interviews held. This first round of interviews lead to a more refined list of personae. The end result was a focussed business goal.

Some insights included:

Self cooking for travellers is slightly troublesome, in the indian context. Too much diversity with utensils, spices, and other ingredients to solve it easily.

For a couple travelling with young kids, there was one interesting insight. If the kids were nursing, they could go without an in-house kitchen and 24 hours room orders. As soon as the kid started having solid food, it was a must have.

For business travellers it was easier to find a decent room for the allocated budget in 1st and 2nd Tier cities but difficult in the metros. Also commute is an issue in the bigger cities.

The insight received was used to make an experience map, although subjective, helped in competitive analysis.